Pop Singer Photoshopped in Real Time Throughout Her Music video


The digital manipulation  has been popular in the last decade or so and it has completely damaged people’s perception of obtainable beauty. Most of us are aware of that, but in fact, the reality is even more scary.

The following video shows Hungarian musician Boggie, (Csemer Boglarka) beeing Photoshopped in real time. With this video she is making a creative and brave statement against the growing ”Photoshop” culture.  She is singing her song Nouveau Parfum but at the same time she is being edited with different photoshop tools. By the end of the clip, she’s had digital mascara applied, different hairstyle and even the position  and the color of her eyes were not the same.

Starting out with no make up what so ever, looking tired and with her hair unstyled, the singer is digitally retouched in front of our eyes, transformed in just a few minutes into a glamorous beauty.

The video is a brave attempt to raise the lid on the lack of reality in celebrity culture and advertising.