This Is What Would Happen If The Earth Stopped Spinning Right Now


Don’t you just love those crazy and seemingly unanswerable questions that you simply cannot wrap your head around? What is at the end of the universe? How big is infinity? Why don’t I ever get laid? Ok, maybe not the last one… (or in particular the last one), but you see my point, all those What would happen if – questions that you feel dumb asking but in fact require a great deal of expertise on physics and astronomy to properly answer.

As you probably know, the Earth is rotating on its axis. This gives us day and night. Of course it’s impossible, but what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning right now? A lot of things would change definitely, but would life on Earth be able to survive? I’m assuming that you would probably stumble and fall on your ass but check out this video for a more thorough explanation of the consequences.

Remember, this isn’t possible, it can’t happen, so don’t worry.

Source: Sploid